Lessen your pain in 5 days challenge

5 Days, 5 minutes a day, 5 exercises to prove to you that you can Get Your Life Back from chronic pain and illness.

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I have created this quick and easy 5 day challenge because I wanted to share with you just a few simple ways you can start lessening your pain today.

5 Common mistakes that stop us stopping pain.

When we are in pain it is normal to try and stop that feeling, but in doing that we are inadvertently activating what made the pain in the first place!

You can't stop pain by trying to stop pain, you have to do something else instead. This challenge will give you 5 powerful techniques that will enable you to feel what you do want: calm, relaxed, comfortable and confident.

Open your mind and you will find this could be the solution you have been searching for, and it is already right there inside of you!

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5 x 5 minute videos to take you through your daily exercise.

5 powerful ways to take back control and lessen your pain.

5 days to put each exercise into your everyday activities.

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